Ode To Tumblr

We are peculiar people. Mass of perfectly imperfect. Tumblr is the best apparatus to display our weirdness. I find beauty in photos of girls with snapbacks & guys in dresses. To me razors & lemon juice sounds like a fun time. Best of all Tumblr doesn’t judge. Thank you

~ Sincerely

A Freak


tumblr made me a much more tolerant and less judgmental person like my cousin be like “omg look at that bitch eyebrows she drew them damn near in her hairline” and i’m like shrug maybe the bitch wanted to have eyebrows in her hairline you don’t know shit about her life.

(via unplannedchild)

"I Bee Laying Down Them Mack Daddy Moves Yo"

A Mack Daddy

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